Joy to you all!

Here are some updates with how we plan to continue with this youth program in the middle of this Corona season.
Our four walls may be closed, but the “church” is not, and the Holy Spirit is definitely still moving!!!
Chris Hazlaris, Director of Youth & Young Adults

Current Youth Events:


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Every Sunday from 7-8 PM
Open to all middle and high schoolers and youth volunteers!
We will play games, share about our weeks, and do some small group discussions together via Zoom video conference!
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Meeting ID: 912 3541 0157
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(312) 626-6799
Meeting ID: 912 3541 0157


Youth Dungeons and Dragons Group
Every Saturday from 2-4 PM
All you need is a computer, smart phone, or tablet, and we can play as if we were all in the room together!

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Meeting ID: 925 8684 0392
Join meeting by phone (audio only)
(312) 626-6799
Meeting ID: 925 8684 0392

Senior High Small Group:
Every Tuesday from 7-8 PM

We will share our highs, lows, and God moments of the week, and maybe even offer some “challenges” to keep us connected with each other and our faith in the time being
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Meeting ID: 750 300 635
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(929) 436-2866M
Meeting ID: 750 300 635


2020 Summer Trip Information & Registration
2020 Spring Events Calendar
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Youth Group Dinner Sign-Up
Medical Release & Code of Conduct Forms

There are many ways for Youth (6th -12th grade students) to get involved in the life of the church and connect with others!


Youth Group (5 – 7:30 PM)
Open to all 6th-12th graders! This year, we continue our theme of “Blessed to be a Blessing.” What does it mean to be blessed by God, and how can we share God’s inclusive mercy and patient Grace with the world? This time will be filled with games, thoughtful learning activities, a relationship-centered dinner period, and reflective breakout discussions as we explore those questions together.

Sunday School (9:30 – 10:20 AM)
Like Youth Group, Sunday School is open to all middle school and high school students. Relevant discussion will be had on the Bible lesson(s) to be read at church that day.

Senior High Small Group (7-8:30 PM, alternating Tuesdays)
Senior High Small Group is a discussion space centered on faith and contemporary young adult issues for 9th-12th graders.

Confirmation (4 – 5 PM Sundays, 2nd Floor Learning Center)
Confirmation is a major rite in the church in which young men and women (usually but not exclusively in the 8th Grade) take the next step in professing their faith – nurturing their relationship to God and the church body begun at Baptism. Confirmands must complete a series of 12 lessons and will also attend a retreat and a day of service. Confirmation will be taught by Associate Pastor Sarah Chancellor-Watson, Youth Director Chris Hazlaris, and SCAPC Elder Jessie Bruggers. 


“In an organization, leaders must be brought from the outside. In a movement, leaders emerge from within.” – Erwin McManus

The SCAPC Youth program profoundly adheres to Jesus’ message that youth are not just the Church Future, but also the Church Present, and to the credence that the closer we come to the imagination, creativity, and trust that youth possess, the nearer we  approach God’s Kingdom. Youth Ministry at SCAPC is based heavily on the understanding that every single individual is loved by God beyond belief, and that each child has gifts to share with this world, as well as a unique narrative, theology, and way of seeing the world that ought to be investigated, respected, and nourished. Above all, we hold fast to the belief that youth should be empowered to be their own leaders, and to us, this means that our 6th-12th graders should have a major say in the games, activities, and discussions held within our walls.

To get involved, contact Chris Hazlaris, Director of Youth & Young Adults, at
or Bria Rault, Youth & Young Adults Coordinator, at